Wedding RSVP card ideas

A request for response on wedding invitation is ESSENTIAL PART OF wedding etiquette. And whether you ask your guests to respond by mail or on-line, there are important elements you should include. Here some RSVP basics and wording ideas. 

Wedding RSVP cards basics


Let's begin by answering two most common questions about RSVP cards:

 1. What is RSVP abbreviation mean?

Answer: RSVP stands for a French phrase "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply".

2. "What does letter "M" stand for?"

Answer: "M" is the first letter of Mr., Mrs., or Miss.

If it looks confusing to you, "M" can be replaced with "Name(s)" 


Now let's learn what are essential elements of RSVP cards:

  1. RSVP date
  2. Guest names
  3. Accept or decline?
  4. Number of guests attending
  5. Entrée choice - optional. You may ask your guests to mark the entrée preferences for their party, if you offer multiple entrée options on your wedding reception. Here you may also ask of any dietary restrictions.
  6. Song request - optional.


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Wedding RSVP card wording sample
Wedding RSVP postcard sample
wedding RSVP card wording with email
Wedding RSVP card wording with email
Wedding rsvp card with meal choice
Wedding rsvp card with meal choice

How to write RSVP request - wording suggestions.

  1.  The Favor of Your Reply is Requested by ...
  2. RSVP by  ...
  3. Kindly Respond by  ...
  4. Please Reply By  ...
  5. Kindly Reply by  ...
  6. Kindly Let Us Know By  ...

Accept/Decline wording ideas.

There are no specific rules for that sections. You may write any wording you like, depending on the invitation style.


Formal and traditional RSVP wording ideas:

  1. Accepts -  Regrets
  2. Accepts with pleasure  -  Declines with regrets
  3. Delighted to attend - Regretfully cannot join you
  4. Graciously accept - Respectfully decline
  5. Delightfully accepts - Regretfully declines
  6. Are pleased to join you - Regretfully can’t attend
  7. Will be joining the celebration - Will be unable to attend
  8. Would love to come! - Can’t make it, sending our love

Contemporary and Funny RSVP wording ideas

  1. See you there!  - Best wishes from afar
  2. Can’t wait! - Sorry, wish I could be there 
  3. Bags packed, ready to go! - Hate to say can’t make it
  4. Will see you there! - Raising a toast from afar
  5. Let the good times roll! - Roll on without me
  6. Deal me in! - Sitting this one out
  7. Excited to celebrate with you! - Sad to miss all fun
  8. Yes we’d love to! - Sorry, gone fishing
  9. Look forward to it! - Have to miss the fun
  10. Will come for sure! - Sorry, can’t make it
  11. Wouldn't miss it - Celebrating from afar
  12. Good news! We’ll be there - Bad news. Can’t make it


Wedding RSVP card wording with entrée choice:

  1. Please initial next to your meal choice
  2. Please initial entrée choice for each guest
  3. Choice of entrée
  4. Please circle your choice of entrée
  5. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions


Wedding RSVP card wording with email:

  1. Please post this card by mail or respond by email ...
  2. Optionally, you can RSVP by email ...
  3. To RSVP on-line, please visit our website ...


Wedding RSVP card wording with song request:

  1. I will get up and dance if you play ...
  2. Request your favorite dancing song ...
  3. I promise to dance if you play ...
  4. Be our DJ! What song you'd like to hear ...
  5. Song that gets my bootie shaking ...
  6. Please share a song request ...
  7. Song request ...