elegant wedding invitations printed on shimmer paper

Browse our great collection of elegant wedding invitations and find the one to match your wedding style. 

We created vast variety of designs to match all wedding themes: lace wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, formal wedding invitations, simple wedding invitations, traditional wedding invitations, vintage wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitations, and more...

rustic wedding invitations printed on premium paper

Browse our unique collection of rustic wedding invitations and find the one to match your wedding theme: 

country wedding invitations, farm wedding invitations, mason jar wedding invitations, sunflower wedding invitations, tree stump wedding invitations, rancho wedding invitations, vinery wedding invitations  and more...

you can choose 3 options of wedding invitation sets


Cheap wedding invitations

Wedding invitations with envelopes.

Printed on white shimmer paper. 


cheap wedding invitations packs

Wedding invitations with envelopes,

RSVP postcards. 


wedding invitation packages

Wedding invitations with envelopes,

RSVP postcards and Detail cards.

most popular wedding colors

Colors set the tone for your wedding day and choosing colors is an important and sometimes tough part of the planning process. Once you decided on wedding colors,

you can start looking for wedding invitation based on your color scheme.

Here on Lemon Wedding, we created an array of color options to fit your wedding palette. Almost all designs are customizable and we can change color of the design elements to match your wedding scheme.

Most popular wedding colors are: Black and gold, pink and gold, blush and gold, red and gold, navy and gold, white and gold, royal blue and silver, blue and silver, pink and silver, black and silver, purple and silver, purple and gold, purple and black, lilac, lavender, plum, purple and grey, purple and turquoise, purple and orange, purple and teal, purple and green, aqua and coral, mint green, mint and gold, pink and grey, blush pink, pink and blue, pink and navy, blush pink and gold, pink and black, navy blue and silver, navy blue, navy and white, blue and yellow, blue and gold, navy and yellow, gold and navy, royal blue and gold, royal blue and white, yellow and grey, navy blue and yellow, black and white, black and yellow,  orange and blue.  Please visit our wedding color gallery >>>