We offer you wedding invitations in a great variety of colors, and are sure that you will find the perfect theme as well as the perfect color to match. Consider aspects such as symbolism of colors, their warmth and the feelings they evoke and go ahead with the one that speaks to your heart’s rhythm as you move forward with establishing your union of love and companionship.

gold wedding invitations

Gold symbolizes love, illumination and passion, as well as courage and compassion, all major ingredients for a successful marriage! How lovely it would be to invite your family and friends with gold wedding invitations, setting the tone for a most rewarding life together. This color sparkles and brings to thoughts of prosperity and magic, maybe matching the butterflies in your stomach too. Golden wedding invitations are also quite elegant, and they express a timeless beauty that your grandchildren will appreciate as they hover over the cards in your scrapbook while you recount that most special day when you said yes to a life together.

Gold wedding invitations

silver wedding invitations

Our silver wedding invitations is polished and very pretty. It carries the energies of clarity, strength and also a type of design that so many are attracted to. Sometimes the effect changes with the contrast, but regardless of what you choose, we can assure you that these wedding invitations will provide you with great memories for the future. Make sure to save a few to paste into your wedding album. Your friends and family will appreciate the elegance of your cards and they will likely save the silver wedding invitations to be able to admire their beauty even in the future

Silver wedding invitations

purple wedding invitations

Shades of purple are usually romantic and therefore very fitting for a wedding theme. Your purple wedding invitations can also convey a feeling of royalty, appropriate since on this day you like are queen and king celebrating your special union. The classy, elegant wedding deserves invitations that exude the same air of luxury and magic. We have made sure to collect variations of purple themes with different designs to cater to different needs and tastes. Browse our selection of purple wedding invitations made to match your wedding perfectly and printed on cards of the highest quality to last long after your wedding is over.

Purple wedding invitations

green wedding invitations

Your wedding is the beginning of something new, with you about to embark on a special journey together, and you want those closest to you be there to witness the transformation. This is a most joyous time and our green wedding invitation is a perfect choice when you want to express the anticipation and love that you share. Green is also a color that contains qualities of friendship. Get inspired by our variety of green designs and styles and choose the one that matches your general wedding theme just perfectly.

Our green wedding invitations are printed on high quality premium paper.

High quality at affordable price!

Green wedding invitations

Pink wedding invitations

Shimmering cards in a pink hue, or perhaps the pink bubbles of imaginary champagne. For many, pink symbolizes romance, and we offer you a pink wedding invitations that breathes elegance and style. With various designs, we make the most of this timeless shade and make sure that your invitations will match your wedding theme perfectly.

This color is associated with nurturing and unconditional love, so very important in your future life together. But pink is not only love but also good health and success, so here is the pink wedding invitation for your joined happiness and prosperity! 

Pink wedding invitations

blue wedding invitations

Blue is the color associated with health, wisdom and confidence. It is a color that radiates good feelings and is well suited for a wedding invitation card sharing the happy news of your upcoming wedding.

Pick a blue wedding invitations with lace pattern or perhaps a nice combination of blue and gray to strike an elegant contrast. We also offer blue and gold wedding invitations, combining these two royal and marvelous colors. Invite your family and friends with a calming but reassuring card. Our blue wedding invitations are sophisticated and are printed on luxury white cardstock of the highest quality.

Blue wedding invitations