wedding invitation styles

Browse our inspiring collection of wedding invitation styles and find the design and pattern that goes perfectly with your wedding theme.

We have created a great assortment of designs in order to meet your needs for your specific style and feeling. You will find themes such as country wedding, rustic wedding, beach wedding, classy wedding, romantic wedding, sunflower wedding, destination wedding and more. With our wedding invitations you can set the tone and let your guests know what to expect, regardless of whether your wedding is set to be in a birch forest in full bloom, on a tropical beach, or in your living room.

Lace Wedding Invitations

Romantic lace patterns are currently very popular, and we offer vintage lace wedding invitations in various colors and shades.

Pick the one that suits your personality and wedding theme perfectly and look forward to sending your guests an invite that exudes romance, elegance and anticipation. We print our wedding invitation cards on premium paper in order to give you the best quality cards which can also serve as a momentum for life. You can rest assured that your invitees will keep these beautiful cards long after you have said your “I dos”.

We recommend our sets of vintage lace invitations that include RSVP cards of the same style and effect.    

lace style wedding invitations printed
lace theme wedding invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations

Are you planning a country wedding? We have the perfect rustic wedding invitations for you, cheap but with an amazing quality and feel.

Have a look at our sunflower wedding invitations and country wedding invitations and get inspired! This is your big day and our farm wedding invitations aren’t only a wonderful clue to your barn wedding, they create excitement and anticipation, and with inexpensive rustic wedding invitations you can afford yourself the type of card that people will hold onto and marvel at. It is the kind of card that forever will connect you to the feeling you had before and during that most special day of your life. 

vintage wedding invitations printed
rustic wedding invitations bundle

Elegant Wedding Invitations

Sometimes a ceremonial event calls for formal wedding invitations that set the proper tone for the day that you have been anticipating all your life. Our elegant wedding invitations are stunningly beautiful but without any of the extras that can be perceived as over the top. We have created simple wedding invitations that are classy yet very much to the point. They are the perfect choice if you are looking for traditional wedding invitations that are timeless and sure to be appreciated by your guests as you let them know that there is a date and time for your most special day.

calligraphy style wedding invitations
gatsby wedding invitations

Romantic Wedding Invitations

We still believe in romance, like all of you honoring the age old tradition of marriage and making a commitment to one another.

Our bride and groom wedding invitations are all about this beautiful statement and the wish to set the foundation for a most marvelous future.

Let our starry night wedding invitations remind you of the many beautiful nights of companionship that lie ahead. These elegant cards will certainly impress and gladden the hearts of your guests and remind them that indeed, romance is a special gift which we must hold dear in this world to allow it to carry on and flourish as a place for lovers and friends.

moon wedding invitations printed
romantic wedding invitations printed

Destination Wedding Invitations

You make your life commitment as waves caress the sand and the wind softly kisses your cheeks. Our beach wedding invitations will inform your guests that your ceremony will be a most unique one. Choose Hawaiian wedding invitations if that is your destination, or tropical wedding invitations that can match any tropical beach in the world. We have also created nautical wedding invitations that match any ceremony held by the water, regardless of time of the year and location. Your destination wedding invitations will be exclusive, beautiful and make you almost be able to smell the refreshing sea breeze emanating off the card.

Beach wedding invitations packs
tropical wedding invitations set

Kraft Wedding Invitations

Our kraft paper invitations are graceful and appealing. With brown paper and natural themes such as tree stumps and sunflowers, your heart will sing as the wedding date nears. Let your guest know when and where with these rustic wedding invitations that have natural beauty and themes that will work very well with many different wedding themes. Even if your wedding ceremony is to take place under an old oak tree or in a regular wedding hall, our kraft wedding invitations will set a delightful tone. They are printed on premium paper, making them a wonderful lasting memory of your special day.

kraft wedding invitations set
rustic invitations printed on kraft paper