All invitations and stationery are designed in-house. We don't use online personalization software. When you

order from Lemon Wedding Invitations you work one on one with a real designer who created them. We want

to delight you with our stationery, so we promise professional and friendly service from ordering to delivery.



The closer you get to your wedding day, the more the excitement and anticipation builds. All the plans have been made and double checked. You are happy with your choices and your attendants are all supportive and delighted to help you carry out your dream ceremony. It’s like a theater production, isn’t it? How should you explain the days’ events to your guests? The most practical way is....   READ MORE


Deciding to have your wedding in a rustic country setting can present some challenges. Check for helpful checklists and advice on the internet. This is also why you need a wedding planner who has the right experience and contacts. If you know someone who has a farm or ranch you like you can always ask for permission, but remember you will have to arrange for all the other.....   READ MORE


Your Elegant Wedding Awaits! Perhaps you have chosen a well-known church setting, a winery, that fancy country club or favorite restaurant or a popular hotel or meeting hall. All of your friends and family are waiting to hear where the two of you will be wed and can’t wait to celebrate your new life together. There is so much to decide and plan and you are looking .....   READ MORE



Well, you have found each other at last and decided to marry and make a life together. Just the excitement of being able to say those words and feel the love, comfort and trust in each other is a huge milestone. Now you want to share that with your families, friends, co-workers and the world. Sending announcements and invitations is the most common way of doing that..... READ MORE



If the ocean breezes and open sea beckons to you, a nautical wedding theme may be just the perfect thing for you. There are many unique ideas for decorations, planning and the ceremony. Imagine a gazebo, decorated with flowers and ribbons, surrounded by rows of seats with loving family and friends. You walk down a path to your groom, to be married by an ordained and credentialed..... READ MORE


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