Create Memories and Fun with Advice Cards

How to have a happy marriage? Let us tell you all the secrets.”


This is the most joyous of occasions and every one of your family and friends wants you to succeed and find true joy and happiness. Many people want to participate in your day and share their secrets and advice and this is the perfect way to have a lasting memory and some fun too. Whether you decide to label them as Advice Cards, Secrets for a Happy Marriage, Wishes for the Bride and Groom (you can insert your names if you wish) or some other popular theme, they all give guests a chance to express themselves and feel part of your day. Put these cards out on the reception tables with some pencils and have a box to collect them in. Parents, friends and family will have lots of fun putting in their two cents whether they are serious notes or amusing ones.

When the reception begins and the Best Man is delivering his speech ask him to please mention these and encourage everyone to fill out at least one card.


These will be gathered at the end of the reception and given to you when you return from your honeymoon to read at your leisure. They can be kept in your wedding book and looked at now and then as a reminder of your wedding day and of all the people who love and care about you. It may well be that the perfect motto for your life together will be among those cards. Cherish the memories they hold.

Lemon Wedding Invitations has a great selection of humorous, standard or serious cards for you to choose from. The design, colors and special features of your Wedding Invitations, Wedding Ceremony Programs and other stationery can be displayed on your Advice Cards. Look at our samples and decide which theme matches your style and colors. Produced on luxury papers and cardstock, our in-house designer will guide you through the choices for your favorite colors, fonts and wedding themes. The Kraft Cards, Classic Styles, Sunflower, Retro Style, Mason Jars or the fun and whimsical Fanny or Mad Lib cards will make a perfect addition to your reception. Maybe you like the more serious traditional Blue, Pink or Flower Spring cards. Our cheap and budget-friendly prices make them an easy addition to your Wedding Set.


Imagine the fun you will have reading them all when you get back from your honeymoon and recalling the people who wrote them. Maybe your parents and grandparents have special advice or brothers and sisters and bridesmaids and groomsmen want to encourage and support you. These are timeless memories from your wedding day that will live forever. These can provide a great alternative to a guest book that some guests may forget or not have time to sign. Perhaps the perfect recipe for your happiness will be among these delightful gifts. Maybe some are just for the bride or just for the groom. Look them over on anniversaries and special times as a reminder of your love for each other and of all who came to celebrate your day. All these pieces of wisdom, advice or encouragement are meant to help the two of you to build a happy life together. Cherish them always.

Order your advice cards when you choose your Wedding Invitation Sets and Wedding Programs with our designer by your side to make them the perfect addition to your wedding day.

Give Lemon Wedding Invitations the privilege of helping to make your wedding day the most important and memorable day in your life. It is the least we can do!


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